We’re an established team that has developed successful communications programs for a variety of manufacturing accounts in a variety of industries, all with a variety of budgets.


From planning to delivering, our operations focus on the individual needs of our clients.


We take our philosophies very seriously around the shop. So the following links will give you a feel for what we are all about, and what we think works best for our clients. If you agree, and we hope you do, contact us below.


A brief look at The K. The S. The T.

  • Rol Kracoe

    Rol a co-founder of KST retired in 2015 and will continue to provide his knowledge and expertise to us on an as needed and consultative basis. He has supervised Fortune 50 companies and has vast experience in marketing communications focused on manufacturing. Rol is a lifetime member of BMA-Business Marketing Association.

  • Ed Szykula

    From well-thought out plans and a bit of creative, to everyday account management tasks, Ed brings a level of professionalism to your business. Ed has over thirty years experience in business-to-business marketing communications. The ability to blend innovative conceptual thinking, attention to detail and marketing savvy make Ed a valuable addition to your team. He has supervised accounts from industrial lasers and software to cutting tools and workhholding components.

  • Andrew Townsend

    Creativity is still the major emphasis in marketing communications. Always has been. Always will. But when it gets a little gray and loses focus, creative is just that — creative and not “applied” creative. Creative without reason is ill-advised and ill-conceived. Andrew develops meaningful creative strategies based on sound marketing strategies and objectives. He realizes first and foremost that your customer's have brains. His creative shows just that.


If we weren’t proud of our work, why would we be in the business?
Please take a moment to look at some of the creative we have developed for our clients.

Public Relations
Website Development
Direct Mail
Logos & Standards


We hope that we’ve sparked an interest, provided a thought and given you something to consider.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Account Planning
We carefully examine your marketing plan and start with your objectives. We then become an advocate of your customers and prospects. Every question and every answer in our account planning system is critical to establishing the “points of difference” for your products and services.
We live in an age of parity. You introduce a new product or service and before you can turn your head, competition thinks they have something comparable. Real competitive points of difference are rare, so the task of gaining any advantage frequently falls to creative. Before sending your customers a message, listen to the message they’re sending back. Because customers will only buy what you’re selling, if they buy what you’re saying.
What we do is essentially not very different than what another agency does. However, we think we do it with more focus — whether that difference manifests itself in a twist to a strategic plan or capturing a blinding glimpse of the obvious.
You are quoted the cost in advance and if there is no change in direction we adhere to strict deadlines and more importantly, strict budgets. We are more than cost competitive and make it a point to sharpen our pencils. We protect our client budgets and stretch them as far as possible without sacrificing quality.
We create messages that are written for your customers. They’re original, focused and mean something.
Public Relations
We hate the words, “spin doctors.” We do embrace the words “accurate and factual.” With PR you can't just turn on the tap. You need to foster a longer term opinion shift and all the effort that goes into it. If you don’t have a consistent PR program in place, you need to get one. We have an excellent relationship with editors from many fields of industry. And that’s a big help when you are looking to get published..
Litrature and Catalogs
Oftentimes the most overlooked form of communications. And in this electronic world they're taking even a bigger hit. But quite frankly they’re sales best friend and show us a person that doesn’t like to “touch and feel” and read about something he’s interested in buying and we’ll show you a person that’s missing the boat.
Direct Marketing
When it makes most sense, communications direct to the customer usually can be developed for the least amount of cents. A well executed campaign to a highly targeted audience can prove to be a smart investment and provide not only direct interaction with your customers and prospects alike, but also give you the most identifiable lead and a way to create an ongoing dialogue.
Web Development
Company websites need to be interesting, informative, easy to navigate and yes, entertaining — but not at the expense of the message. We design sites that are an extension of a client’s overall marketing communications message and have meaning. An important element to boost traffic to your website is an integrated and ongoing content marketing program which can exponentially increase the number of "eyeballs" to your site.
Media Planning and Buying
Pretty simple, really. Identify your target market. Set your objectives. Define the strategy. Determine its effectiveness and reach. And negotiate the heck out of it. Whether its traditional or emerging media it needs to be focused and results-oriented.
Whether it’s a name, a term, a sign, a symbol or a combination, each goes a long way in establishing a brand. And a brand is an idea or image that customers can connect with. But the trick in industrial marketing is to do the basics, do them well, do them consistently and do them often enough. That’s how you establish your brand.
Corporate Identity
Make a visual statement that communicates your business philosophy. Enduring symbols that express how you want to be viewed by others. It’s a personality that you establish that integrates within all forms of your communications.
Photos and Illustrations
It’s more than just point and click. It takes a discerning eye to realize the best angle, the best lighting and the best background, whether it’s in the studio or on location. We’d like to think we have that ability.
Research Studies
It’s surprising what you might find out about your products or services if you just ask the right questions. We write the most pointed surveys and employ respected research houses to handle the methodology.
Trade Show Support
Your display should carry a consistent message that’s been established from your other communications. We don’t build booths, but we make them more inviting and intriguing.
Video and Broadcast
We write, direct and produce videos utilizing the best-equipped state of the art production facilities available. The results are presentations that have optimum quality and a bit of flair.